Help Bring SEL to Your Students!

Teachers get exposed to many theories, trends, and best practices. Sometimes, it can feel like “idea of the month.” But many teachers are starting to see social-emotional learning (SEL) as the missing link in schools. SEL reduces behavioral issues and violence in schools. But beyond that, it prepares and supports students for focused learning today and success later in life. 

Educators play a huge role in guiding kids’ social and emotional development. So does our EQuip Our Kids! campaign. 

Read on for ways that, together, we can advocate for social-emotional learning to help all kids succeed in every aspect of life.

Advocate for
Social-Emotional Learning

Only 10 percent of K-12 schools have comprehensive SEL implementation. Here are easy ways you can advocate for widespread SEL adoption.

  • Be sure to “like” our Facebook page.
  • Say Yes to SEL by adding your name to our SEL Endorser’s list.
  • Join the SEL alliance in your state. (If your state doesn’t have one, you could start it!)
  • Contact your school district administrators and board of education to get them behind social emotional learning. For guidance on what to say, click here.
  • Contact your state legislators to get them behind social-emotional learning. Easy to do by clicking here. For guidance on what to say, click here.
  • Talk with parents in your community about social-emotional learning. If they’d like more information, you can direct them to our Parents page. 
  • Organize parents or parent organizations as advocates for SEL in local schools.
  • Contact us to volunteer for a role in your community or state.
  • Allocate some of your required continuing education units (CEUs) to learning more about SEL and how to apply it in your practice.

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Talking With Your Administration

Social-emotional learning is the most powerful when practiced by your whole school. SEL exerts a strong, positive influence on a healthy school climate and culture. 

If your school or district administration is not pursuing SEL as part of their school climate efforts, now is the time to ask why not? SEL supports many of the educational achievement and policy goals that are driving the administrative agenda. 

Plus, school climate is one characteristic measured and reported as part of  the requirements of the Every Student Succeeds Act. 

Administrators will often ask about the resources, logistics, and impacts of implementing a new policy or practice. Suggest starting with one or two easy, low-cost practices to simply acknowledge the social and emotional life that students, faculty, and staff bring to school with them every day. 

And if your school or district administration is already implementing SEL, congratulations! You’re doing something great for your students. 

Ask how you can be involved in ongoing SEL practices in your building. You could become an informal, or even formal, SEL coach for your fellow educators.