You Can Be Emotionally Intelligent!

Some of your friends are better at math. Others are better at spelling. At least one is a great artist. People can learn to be smart in different ways.

One way everyone can learn to be smart is how they handle their feelings and their relationships with others. This is called social-emotional learning. 

Social-emotional learning helps you have more fun and do more, in school and outside of school.

Keep reading and watching to learn how you can be emotionally intelligent. 

Easy Ways That You Can Be Emotionally Intelligent

  1. Share how you feel with people around you. Happy, sad, excited, frustrated. Learn to recognize and name your feelings.

  2. See how other people around you are feeling. They might not tell you, but their feelings will show.

  3. List the things you are good at. Can you use those things to help you in other parts of school and life?

  4. Find three ways to relax when you feel stressed: take a deep breath, draw a picture, talk to a friend.

  5. Notice how everyone around you is unique. There are billions of people on Earth and no two are exactly alike. 

Watch this!

Take the Next Step!

Talk With Your

Ask your friends how they are feeling. Tell them how you’re feeling. Sharing more with each other will make you better friends. 

Talk With Your

Your parents are people, too. Really! Ask them what makes them stressed and how they relax. How did they handle the stress of school when they were your age?

Talk With Your School Officials

Ask your teachers and principal how they help everyone in your school be socially and emotionally intelligent. The answer might surprise you.