Raising Kids During The Coronavirus Outbreak

As coronavirus cases grow, what children need most is not a face mask. Their best protection is good hand washing and Emotional Intelligence (EQ).

Fortunately, children seem the least likely to have severe medical consequences from the coronavirus outbreak. But, they are still highly susceptible to the emotional consequences of seeing fear in adults around them and to experiencing disruption in their regular routines and likely isolation from other children.

The impact increases with schools closing, parents’ jobs lost or threatened, and their favorite activities cancelled. Normally good-natured kids can have tantrums or anxiety attacks, or become depressed.

Parents and child carers can use the resources below to help children cope with their fears, angers and dark moods – or lessen them. The most powerful resources, which will also help parents with their own reactions, are those for teaching and learning what educators call “social-emotional learning” at home. All schools should teach this game-changing-curriculum…and it’s likely your children’s don’t yet. By starting at home, you will benefit your children and yourself now and increase your child’s life success and happiness skills – and likely will be inspired to insist that your school implement the curriculum when it re-opens or during online teaching. That would be another gift to your child – and to all those in the school. Check out the home learning programs below for one that fits best.   

Things To Do With Kids


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Khan Academy Kids

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PenPal Schools

Free access to educators affected by the outbreak

PBS Kids Videos and Games

All about hand washing and staying healthy

Cosmic Kids Yoga

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For more information and resources for helping kids through emotional times, visit our blog, online resources, and shop.