Business Leaders, Join the EQ Revolution



This world isn’t what it used to be – and in ten years, with a bit of effort, it can be so positively different that history offers no precedent.  That’s because we’ve entered a new era where the potential for exponential positive human change in almost every aspect of life is within our grasp.  

This is especially true for two linked-at-the-hips sectors –business and education.

Both are in the early stages of a societal dynamic that promises dramatic transformation of their very natures. That dynamic is the emerging Emotional Intelligence Revolution. The EQ Revolution!

Emotional Intelligence is the ability to manage yourself, your feelings, your relationships and your life and career in a healthy, productive and caring way.

The EQ Revolution promises improved quality of life for all—workplaces included—by making higher emotional intelligence universal. This is achievable because emotional intelligence is a learn-able set of skills.

Right now, technology connects people across the planet yet huge numbers of people say they feel lonely and isolated. School violence and both youth and adult suicides are on the rise. Companies face employee issues of every kind, including engagement and retention. Most schools teach children how to be prepared for a workforce in one sense, but not how to engage emotionally in a healthy way with their peers and function from their best selves – which is just what business is increasingly seeking.

EQ training is proven to raise the emotional and social intelligence skills of people of all ages. It’s having a game-changing impact on schools that embrace it in their curriculum and on a growing number of workplaces.

According to the Harvard Business Review “Ninety percent of leadership success today can be attributed to EQ rather than IQ.”

Which explains why many companies now consider EQ more important than IQ. (Maybe logo images here).

Imagine an EQ world ten years from now – one that your company has played a dynamic and central role in bringing to fruition.

With your help in our EQ Awareness Campaign, by 2030 we’d have brought about schools that are healthy, high-performing, safe places whose graduates become your lifetime learners and leaders.

Promoting your ongoing support of raising EQ in schools will boost your brand reputation and your sales. It would help you attract and retain the kind of employees you want, including working parents. Meanwhile, with our assistance, you’d benefit from plentiful opportunities to bring these teachable skills to your current employees. Skills that improve motivation and engagement, collaboration and innovation – AND your bottom line.

And with your help, by 2030 an emotionally intelligent workforce will be filled with superb co-workers who are motivated, competent and responsible individuals skilled in human relations, conflict resolution, teamwork, and self-management – people adept at good decisions, critical thinking, and creativity.

Data on existing EQ companies shows that sales and productivity will soar, HR problems will reach all-time lows and retention and engagement will reach historic highs. By hiring for EQ as well as supporting its development in schools, your workplace likely will be high in the rankings of best places to work.

Research also indicates that your taxes and medical and legal costs will decline as society has fewer mentally and physically unhealthy people, less crime and violence, fewer lawsuits, far less drug usage, and a far more civic-minded and collaborative populace.  

We invite you to become a part of this future, a future just within our grasp. Join the EQ Revolution and help make comprehensive EQ training available to every child in America.


We are a marketing asset to your company.

  • We help you talk about this great American uplift you are enabling – THE EMOTIONAL INTELLIGENCE REVOLUTION.
  • Giving you something unique to boast about.
  • We guide you to people who can add EQ color and dimension to your marketing and effectiveness to your sales staff.
  • We can work with HR to help create an EQ learning environment. We can arrange forums, curriculum lunches and retreat workshops for you.
  • We direct you to the talent that can provide EQ content downloads you can send directly to your staff at their request.
  • We also can help guide employee retention and brand appreciation.


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