Business Leaders, Join the EQ Revolution


We are in the early stages of an Emotional Intelligence Revolution that holds this Great Promise:

That in ten years with a bit of effort, the world can be so positively different that history offers no precedent.  

This is especially true for business.

A more productive and competent workforce, lower medical cost and taxes needed to remediate societal ills, way better local schools and communities, less human strife …these are just some of the provable promises of the revolution.  

Companies now face employee issues of every kind, including engagement and retention.

Most schools prepare children for the workforce in one sense, but not how to engage emotionally in a healthy way with their peers and function from their best selves in the current highly over-stressed world – which is just what businesses are increasingly seeking.



Emotional Intelligence, or EQ, is the ability to manage yourself, your feelings, your relationships… and your life and career… in a healthy, productive and caring way.

The EQ Revolution promises improved quality of life for all —and for workplaces predominantly—by making higher emotional intelligence a universal goal and phenomenon.

Which is achievable because emotional intelligence is, thank the human brain, a learn-able set of skills.

EQ training is already having a game-changing impact on the 10% of K-12 schools that fully embrace it.

Also on a growing number of workplaces that are now prioritizing it in their hiring and training to the great benefit of their bottom lines.

Our nonprofit EQuip Our KIds! multiple media campaign was launched by successful business leaders based on evidence that raising humanity’s EQ, starting with youth, is the single element in the human toolbox that can improve lives, schools, workplace climate and business operations, and society on an historic and mass level.



Our goal, which we invite you to share, is that by 2030 we’ll have 100% of U.S. schools that are healthy, high-performing, safe places whose graduates become your lifetime learners, leaders and superb employees. 

To get there, the Campaign intends to overcome the lack of awareness by the public and parents that such learning even exists – and of its massive benefits.

Check out the proven bottom-line benefits to your enterprise the EQ Revolution can deliver. Then contact us about an enjoyable role as a Message Partner in speeding the Revolution – in our schools and in your own workplace – to the great benefit of your company, your community and society at large.  

Message Partners in our EQuip Our Kids! awareness and public mobilization campaign, as you will learn as you watch videos and peruse the evidence on this site, are engaged in something amazingly meaningful to improving the everyday inner and outer lives of masses of people, starting with our youth and by no means limited to them. 

And, if you desire after becoming a Message Partner, we’ll guide you to how to  raise the EQ of your current staff. 


Although we manage a national awareness campaign about emotional intelligence, we are also a nonprofit marketing asset to your company. At no charge when you become a Message Partner….

  • We help you talk about this great American uplift you are enabling – THE EMOTIONAL INTELLIGENCE REVOLUTION.
  • Giving you something unique to promote.
  • If needed, we can guide your marketers to people who can add EQ color and dimension to your  marketing. 
  • We can help create a company EQ learning environment. We can arrange forums, curriculum lunches and retreat workshops for you.
  • We can direct you to the talent that can provide EQ content downloads you can send directly to your staff at their request.
  • If your company currently needs it, we  can lead you to EQ experts who guide employee retention and appreciation.

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