Why Your Business Would Benefit from Joining Us
In Support of EQ Learning in All Schools

Emotional intelligence isn’t a luxury you can dispense with in tough times. It’s a basic tool that, deployed with finesse, is the key to professional success.”- Harvard Business Review

The Big EQ project and the EQuip Our Kids! Campaign was launched by four successful business leaders out of our fundamental belief that dramatically raising the emotional intelligence of all people, starting with the next generation of youth, is the single element in the human toolbox that will most fundamentally improve life, schools, society and business itself on a mass level.

And the evidence is on our side that many business and societal ills, and many “causes” that claim our attention and remedial taxes and donations, will dissolve as we educate the young populace as well as our current employees – and ourselves – in the range of skills and approaches that create what we know as emotional intelligence, or the ability to manage ourselves and our relationships with others in a healthy manner.

We’d be delighted to have our team show you how becoming a messaging partner in the EQuip Our Kids! Campaign can complement any causes your business is now supporting – or become itself THE cause that will earn your business the respect and meaningful appreciation of your target customers..

These are other hard-core practical reasons for your business to support this great movement that was initiated by educators and has now found its way into the HR hiring and practices of the most savvy companies, including Google. (More on these.)

Ready to Work High School and College Graduates

  • Able to recognize and control their emotions
  • Understand and show empathy for others
  • Willing to give full effort to their work
  • Exhibit active listening and effective mature communication skills
  • Be a problem-solver
  • Work well with others as a team member
  • Show leadership skills and have a positive attitude
  • Understand and accept cross-cultural differences
  • Deliver the performance your business needs

Cost Savings and Higher Productivity

Actual business effects from academic studies of employees and managers trained in emotional intelligence:* 

  • More reasoned and rational decision-making
  • Better job performance and more successful leadership
  • Sales and negotiation effectiveness improves
  • Productivity increases in almost all categories
  • Calmer, happier, low-conflict workplaces
  • Retention of employees and reduced grievances more likely
  • SEL recruitment methodology increases successful hires
  • Quicker recovery time due to injury or sickness

To get these results, researchers and advanced-thinking employers advocate for what educators call EQ-raising Social-Emotional Learning to be fully integrated into the education system, K-12. The return on this investment is a larger competent talent pool and a more resilient society as a whole.

Simply put, investing in EQ is good business! Because why not train our children in ways of thinking and skills that will make them excellent leadership talent, entrepreneurs, managers and employees…and positive forces in their communities?

Read below for more reasons  – and evidence – to join us. And click here to learn about results at specific companies and organizations that have prioritized EQ for their executive team and workforce.  

*From Emotional Intelligence Consortium website at www.eiconsortium.org  

Ways to Partner

Contact us for more information about any of the following:

Become a Messenger Partner

Messenger partners identify themselves as members of the national EQuip Our Kids! Campaign and seek to spread the message in your own creative ways. These might include the following:

  • Tag your current public face in social media and all advertising and marketing materials with the EQuip Our Kids! logo and some version of this statement “To give all children a chance to be their best selves, we support Emotional Intelligence Learning in all schools! Please visit EQuipOurKIds. org ” 
  • Promote the social media messages you see on this page and list your business as a messenger sponsor. You would purchase space directly and not through us.
  • Create original advertisements promoting the cause directly via any and all media with your business clearly identified as the sponsor. Our team stands ready to assist yours if called on.
  • By participating in this way you would become an Endorser, allowing us to promote the name of your business or organization on our Endorsers List.

Become a Sponsor

  • Sponsor The Big EQ Campaign directly to run media ads and spots, with prominent branding and positioning for your company. Talk to us about sponsor packages.
  • As an alternative, donate existing media time and space for us to run our own ads and spots, again with  branding and positioning.
  • Donate to our general fund so we can expand our operations. We run a tight ship and nothing we do is frivolous.

Become Active for EQ in Your Community

  • Encourage your employees , especially parents, to engage their schools about adopting EQ Learning and refer them to this website for guidance. They can also become individual advocates that might include hosting at-home talks, arranging for a local speaker, and organizing visits to any already EQ-uipped local school for parents from other schools to see social-emotional learning in action.
  • Contact school administrator, board members and funding legislators stating your support for rapid integration of EQ Learning into the local curricula. Emails are very helpful. Phone calls and visits add to their effectiveness. Encourage your employees to do the same.
  • Spread the word at business associations and other organizations to which you belong and among your associates and colleagues.
  • Sponsor talks at your office from local EQ providers or from those people in the community who best can discuss the programs. Many school psychologists or counselors are knowledgeable about the programs even if they have not been aggressive or successful in their implementation.

Please share these visuals on your social media to inform parents and the public about EQ Learning and consider social branding these with your logo and buying digital ad space that links to EQuipOurKIds.org