5 Ways SEL Programs in Schools Help Kids Later in Life

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Many perceive academic success as being solely dependent on a child’s intellectual abilities. While a strong intellect and high IQ do benefit children in the classroom, their emotional intelligence or EQ is just as important to their academic achievement. Across the country schools are embracing a wider approach to student success in the classroom, and Social Emotional Learning programs are at the heart of the education revolution. Social Emotional Learning (SEL) focuses on how interactions with others affect our relationships and our individual success in the social realms—including the classroom, the boardroom and the home. SEL programs in schools teach … Continued

How to Stop Bullying with Social and Emotional Learning

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It’s shocking, but somewhere between one in four and one in three students in the U.S. has been the target of a bully. Bullying is most prevalent in middle school and targets students who are seen as being different. Students who are bullied experience increased feelings of sadness and loneliness which can lead to depression and anxiety. Additionally, their academic performance can suffer dramatically. But the targets of bullies are not the only ones who that suffer. Bystanders of bullying and the bullies themselves have all been shown to experience negative consequences including a higher risk for violence and substance … Continued

What is Emotional Intelligence?

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According to many experts, having an enhanced capacity to understand one’s own emotions as well as those of others, is a pivotal determinant of success, even arguably more so than a high IQ. This skill is referred to as emotional intelligence (EQ). What is emotional intelligence? Emotional intelligence is an ability to tune in to your feelings, use logic to understand emotions, and then make the best decisions regarding how the emotions are influencing your behaviors. It also means understanding the emotions of others. Emotional intelligence can lead to many positive interactions and can help to improve social situations while … Continued

A Guide to EQ & SEL

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It’s no secret that emotional intelligence and social-emotional learning don’t get the exposure that they deserve. It’s all too common to bring up EQ in a parent-teacher conference and be met with blank stares. To be fair, EQ and SEL aren’t the easiest topics to understand. Emotional intelligence is intangible, and it’s harder to quantify than IQ, the measure of intelligence that everyone knows. It has a shorter history, having first been described in 1990. In a way, though, the complexity of EQ is exactly why we need to educate the world’s parents and teachers about it. This infographic breaks … Continued

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