10 Ways Educators Can Slowly Implement Social and Emotional Learning Programs

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Social and emotional learning (SEL) initiatives can encompass different strategies at every school or school district, and educational approaches to SEL may not look the same from classroom to classroom. As school districts across the country are integrating SEL into the curriculum, the daily educational environment for children has evolved from a primarily intellectual-based learning approach to emotional growth exercises as well. Not all districts embrace SEL by implementing packaged SEL programs such as leadership endeavors or other fully-integrated social and emotional learning initiatives. While district-wide or classroom-based SEL approaches may include focused programs developed to integrate SEL into the … Continued

How Parents Can Increase Emotional Intelligence For Their Preteens

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Being a preteen comes with numerous challenges, both physical and mental. These manifest into social challenges as preteens experiment with boundaries and begin to find their place in the world. They are growing physically, and this is accompanied by a lot of hormonal changes. The hormones that begin puberty will also start activating toward the end of the preteen stage. To top it off, peer groups are gaining more importance in their lives, and fitting in outside of the immediate family is starting to take importance at school and in social situations. Understanding The Preteen Stage of Development Developmental psychologists … Continued

5 Examples of Emotional Intelligence That Start in Pre-K

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Children are amazing. They may not know many book facts, statistics, great works of literature or accomplishments of science, but they do know things that help them explore the world around them. Just as some children have more talent for physical activity or for creating things, some children can be more talented than others at emotional intelligence, and it shows at a young age. Emotional intelligence, or EQ, is a set of skills that allows people to recognize, cope with, and manifest emotions in a productive way. It has been shown to improve the lives of children and is a … Continued

Emotional Intelligence: Why It Can Matter More Than IQ For High Schoolers

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For many of us, one of the most traumatic experiences of our lives was puberty. This is hardly an exaggeration—our bodies are experiencing significant changes and our thoughts are undergoing transformation as well, all while the frontal lobe of the brain is developing and forming our impulses for emotional control. It is a chaotic time of identity-seeking, between carefree childhood and the assumption of adult responsibilities and relationships. It is an awkward and dramatic phase in our lives, one where emotions careen out of control. Teenagers and EQ There can be no more compelling reason for high school aged kids … Continued

Building Emotional Intelligence at Every Age: Infancy

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Kindergarten teachers report that over 30% of kids entering their first year of school are emotionally unprepared and lack the necessary emotional skills to successfully navigate school life. Yet not all parents are aware that the cultivation of these skills begins during the earliest stage of life: infancy. Emotional intelligence, otherwise known as EQ, refers to an individual’s ability to identify, understand, control, and assess the emotions of themselves and of others. In today’s day in age, this is regarded as an important part of effectively interacting with others, being a contributing member of society, and of becoming a well-rounded … Continued

Studies Show Kindergartners With These Surprising Skills Are More Likely To Go To College

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All parents want when they send their child off to kindergarten is to see them succeed for years to come. But how can you ensure your child is setup to get good grades, attend an amazing college, and take on the world like a pro? It actually has less to do with the brain and more to do with the heart. A child’s social and emotional fluency in kindergarten can impact their future success according to a 2015 study published by the American Journal of Public Health (AJPH).  The study addresses what many educators are quickly discovering: cognitive intelligence is … Continued

Boyhood, Manhood, and Emotional Intelligence: Why Do We Shortchange Our Boys?

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“Toxic masculinity” is a trending topic that’s made it to the front page of the news too many times this year, and for good reason. Manhood in society has traditionally meant being stoic and straight-faced—emotions might as well not exist if you’re male. Boys are taught these social norms from the very first months of their lives, and by the time they reach young adulthood, it’s ingrained into them that emotionality is unacceptable; that “boys don’t cry.” This is toxic masculinity, and it has untold negative psychological and social effects on men and boys. How can we prepare our boys … Continued

How High is Your EQ? Recognize These 5 Signs of High Emotional Intelligence

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Emotional intelligence is linked to a host of positive outcomes in life—improved mental health, greater success at work and school and possibly even higher IQ scores. EQ is the new IQ, and, in many ways, serves as a greater predictor of success. However, schools often fail to implement enough social and emotional learning programs to help students succeed. While IQ can be measured through a battery of tests that analyze all aspects of cognitive abilities, an individual’s EQ is a little more difficult to determine. Emotional intelligence assessments have become increasingly popular as a means to gauge emotional responses, self … Continued

The iGeneration: How to Improve Emotional Intelligence in Screen-Addicted Teenagers

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We’re in the midst of a historical first. The first generation of children raised entirely on smartphones, the iGeneration, is facing a skyrocketing mental illness rate, and studies suggest that too much screen time is to blame. In fact, suicide in teenage girls is the highest that it’s been in over 40 years. What can we do to protect our children? Science tells us that children and teens with high EQ have lower rates of mental illness, so the answer is to improve emotional intelligence… but that’s not always easy when kids are glued to a screen. Here’s how to … Continued

Is Emotional Intelligence Training the Key to Self-Improvement?

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From meditation to “Self Help for Dummies,” chances are that if you’re interested in self-improvement, you’ve tried every trick in the book. But have you tried emotional intelligence training? Emotional intelligence is built on the same pillars as many self-improvement programs; it makes sense that they would go hand-in-hand. Before you can use emotional intelligence training to your benefit, you need to have a thorough understanding of what it is and why it benefits self-improvement. Let’s take a look: What’s Emotional Intelligence? Emotional intelligence (EQ) is your ability to recognize both your own and other people’s’ emotions, to tell your … Continued

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